6 Days to go!


Hey people! its 6 days to go and we have a special prize for our readers,  a special romantic dinner experience by celebrity chef ‘DBB’ all you have to do to win it is to go to our page on Facebook and like us in order to access the page then submit your idea for a special gift following the guidelines on the page!

Who’s going to be the lucky couple?! lets find out!

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7 days to go!

Valentine2So there’s been no feedback on the Valentine’s day list! but I got an early present, a very pleasant surprise in my bank account!

The L.O.M.L decided to put an undisclosed sum in my bank account, I’m taking the munchkins off to the cinema!

feel free to share any early presents you get during the countdown to V’s day. see you later.

David B

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Valentines tips

I found an instruction to hide a little present under my loved one’s pillow as a romantic gesture, the issue with that is that my loved one jumps out of bed to an alarm and straight into the ‘evict the children’ routine and practically passes out at night from exhaustion after feeding, watering and tending to all our whims in the house, if I don’t hide it just before the sheets and pillowcases are due to be changed it may lie there undiscovered for days!

Which brings me to the idea of practical valentine’s season gestures . . . . .

Now bear in mind that there is no ‘one size fits all’ kind of remedy for this, and it would be nice to avoid calling it a ‘lovers guide for dummies’ I saw a very ambitious ’30 day’ romance your man project recently that made me wonder how women do it!

I mean – the L.O.M.L (love of my life) she is adventurous, passionate and highly resourceful but am sure that there must be at least two people out there who have received their valentine days present and thought . . . . . (you shouldn’t have, really shouldn’t have!) or received their gifts and thought – awww . . . . if only it could have been something else.

Well the moral of the story is this, sometimes we wish things would be a bit different, not because we don’t like the spontaneity but because we would have genuinely preferred something else that would have cost the same  in resources or effort.

All that said, I will borrow a leaf from someone who once said – ‘if in doubt – ask’ so am asking, are we guys able and ready to share what we would really like for valentines? and as for the ladies, well feel free to pitch in, am sure that we guys would always appreciate a handy hint.

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FAQ Vol1

1. What is the right style/position in the bedroom?

The question above is an interesting one, when you consider that the ‘bedroom’ is a defining element in the question, but in order to avoid going down a different path, I will start by saying that personally I know of no part in the bible that defines or specifies which sexual positions should or should not be carried out in the bedroom.

This leads me to the advice given by scholars in general that where there is no definitive word on a subject, you should allow your conscience to guide you and also the use of common sense is usually a good idea.

This is not the final word on this matter, it will be properly addressed and revisited. till then, comment, remain in charge and God bless.

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Hello and welcome to real Christian sex,  a website/portal dedicated to Christians and a biblical reality  based view of sex in marriage.

Please note that if you are not a married Christian, then this website is not designed with you in mind.

Please note that I am not a pastor, a doctor or a trained psychologist hence all comments on this site should be taken as the passionate honest, at times blunt expressions of a person whose first priority is Christianity and who expects that common sense will prevail i your interaction with this website, there are no guaranties implied and if in doubt, get on your knees, pull out your bible and pray for guidance.

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